Lawyer Says Craig Wright Presented False Documents for Court Defense

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

05 July 2019,
Lawyer Says Craig Wright Presented False Documents for Court Defense

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, Craig Wright is fast racking up a record of losses in his quest to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, and now allegedly employed falsified documents to maneuver a court case not directly related to the development of Bitcoin.

The case under consideration is a lawsuit filed against Craig Wright in February 2018 by lawyers representing David Kleiman, the now deceased computer forensic expert whom Craig Wright himself claims was directly involved in the creation of Bitcoin.

The lawsuit alleges that Wright stole hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin (appr. $5 billion) from David Kleiman and his family wants a payback. 

Now, among the exhibits which Craig Wright submitted in his defense is a supposed deed of trust document purportedly signed by him and the deceased Kleiman back in 2012, one year before he passed away. 

It is that deed of trust document that lawyer Stephen Palley claimed to have found evidence that it is falsified.

More precisely, while Craig Wright claims that the deed was signed on October 23, 2012, it looks evident that is not the case. The deed of trust document created in popular Microsoft word font ‘Calibri’ reveals that the font itself was only copyrighted in 2015.

This evidence shows that the document was likely created in 2015 or after, and supports any possibility that Craig Wright forged the paper after he realized that Kleiman’s family might come for the Bitcoins in his possession.

For the interim, lawyer Stephen Palley’s newfound proof although not part of legal proceedings can now help David Kleiman’s family in the lawsuit which is just one of the many that Craig Wright is involved in because of his acclaimed involvement in the creation of Bitcoin.


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