Tunisian Central Bank Denies Rumors of e-Dinar Digital Currency

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

12 November 2019,
Tunisian Central Bank Denies Rumors of e-Dinar Digital Currency

The Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) said in an official update today that earlier news linking it with the development of digital currency is only a rumor and based on "unfounded information."

Earlier this week, Stmarket.co quoted Russian news agency TASS, as reporting that the BCT partnered with a Russian startup, Universa Blockchain to develop a national digital currency for the African nation.

However, BCT clarified that it is currently at the stage of studying all existing alternatives to digitize its economy, with the possible options including a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). 

"This alternative (CBDC) is still in the phase of reflection," the official announcement confirmed.

Another section pinpointed that the "BCT has not engaged any relationship, of any kind, with any national or foreign provider with the aim of creating any digital currency."

However, the bank admitted that the confusion must have steemed from a recent FOREX Club Tunisia event organized by an independent association of the central bank. At the event, participants witnessed a demonstration of the technical feasibility of a theoretical solution of a digital currency, initiated by a private startup.

The CBT said it had no moral or contractual relationship with the startup, adding,

This test of POC (Proof of concept) was taken out of context, becoming a marketing operation where the name of the BCT was improperly used.

Conclusively, the CBT reiterated that only the bank and its officials retain the right to convey official information regarding how it is adopting blockchain technology and not any third-party.


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