Tezos’s Kathleen Breitman Singles Out STOs as ‘Exciting’ Blockchain Use Case

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

21 November 2019,
Tezos’s Kathleen Breitman Singles Out STOs as ‘Exciting’ Blockchain Use Case

Kathleen Breitman, the co-founder of the Tezos blockchain project, believes that the issuance of digitized securities on the blockchain represents one of the most exciting uses cases for the emerging technology.

Kathleen shared her thoughts about the fast-growing tokenization space while speaking to the audience at the ‘The Future of Digital Assets’ briefing organized by Bloomberg and held in London this week.

The Tezos co-founder first shared her thoughts on how users are unaware of how internet companies use their data, and the fact there are no sophisticated solutions allowing users to source for better options.

She believes that the emergence of decentralized systems like Bitcoin and Tezos reintroduced user privacy, and also opened the way for different kinds of transactions to happen in a decentralized manner.

Regarding transactions involving security tokens issued with the aid of smart contracts on the blockchains like Tezos, Kathleen said:

Security token offerings (STOs), basically you take some large real estate portfolio using some sort of mechanisms on top of Tezos (smart contracts) to coordinate and allocate these resources to people around the world.

She cited the $1 billion tokenization of real estate by a Thailand company as the biggest tokenization project on Tezos to date. Further, she highlighted that the project never had any contact with the ‘gentleman’ who tokenized that large volume of assets on the Tezos blockchain.

“That’s the great part about being the founder of a very decentralized project [...] eventually, we’ll all be able to own a little bit of a Thai beach, and I look forward to that,” Kathleen concluded on the matter.

Meanwhile, in another report about a large volume of assets being tokenized on Tezos, Stmarket.co reported in July that BTG Pactual, Brazil’s largest standalone investment bank would use the Tezos blockchain to conduct security token offerings (STOs) worth at least $1 billion.

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